The Tilted Toque

What's at the Toque?

The property hosts many structures including a Cottage, 8 Cabins, a 2000′ Lodge complete with Games Room and Dining Room, a Boat House, and others. The property consists of over 2 acres of a “point” that is surrounded by two long, beautiful bays, one being fed by Deshaun Creek. Either bay will lead you into hidden lakes and areas with hours to be spent discovering. Our point is surrounded by thousands of acres of crown land and it’s not uncommon to see the odd fox, deer or moose. The property is surrounded by multiple docks for you to park you boat, fish from, swim from or enjoy the sunset from.

Our cabins and property are not normally staffed (unless one of the owners are visiting). They are considered “housekeeping”, which means they’re fully equipped, but you’re expected to supply your own food/bedding/items. They’re also to be left clean and ready for the next guests. You’re often the only people other than the few other cabins on the “island” while you’re there, so we just ask that you enjoy and respect the property and leave things tidy. This makes for an amazing, private and empowering experience that will create memories to last a lifetime.

We are boat access only (BYOB) but do have shuttle available from the marina for a nominal fee.

Each of the Visitor Cabins have equipped Kitchens, 3 Piece Bathrooms with Shower and Living Area. Most of the cabins have a deck with a BBQ and outdoor chairs. All have a gorgeous view of the French River.

To make your stay even more enjoyable, our property has a free Laundry Cabin and an enclosed, lighted Fish Cleaning Hut with running water to clean up for your fish fry.

There is a waterside campfire pit overlooking the sunset and a big historic cast iron bell that would ring to welcome the visitors from the Chief Commanda.

The 2000′ Lodge is another place where people meet and socialize. A place where families play a board game to escape a mid-morning rain-shower. Where a ping pong tournament settles a bet among friends, and a dart game goes for double or nothing. A couple of guitars hang on the wall for the jamming type, and we’ve got a foosball table to keep your kids busy while you have a mid-afternoon rest.

night view of the bell on the french river

Casablanca Lodge

Back in the 17th century, Explorer’s, traders, missionaries and loggers travelled the French River to seek their fortunes and adventures. The French river was a natural highway used by the Voyagers that runs directly in Front of the Tilted Toque lodge. Read more about it here.

For decades, the Tilted Toque point was a natural resting and camping spot for Voyagers and adventurers alike. Back in the early 1900’s it became a favorite annual stopping point which was eventually claimed and founded by outdoor canoeing enthusiasts after building a few basic log cabins. The cabins expanded into a yearly destination which eventually led to the addition of a Lodge and a house which was floated over from the Dokis Reserve and rebuilt at its new location on the Tilted Toque point. St. Clair Dokis himself helped build the camp with assistance from the local Dokis reserve. They hauled in many loads of soil by boat to permit the planting of shrubs and trees on this barren rocky point.  For over a century the property has been commonly known as Casablanca Lodge. It resides just above Chaudière Dam near Lake Nippissing.

Throughout the years, a number of cottages were added as well as a modern Lodge building and other complimentary service buildings. In the mid-century, the Lodge was a regular stopping point for the Chief-Commanda, an early century 100′, 200 passenger Steel Hulled Passenger Carrier Vessel which carried curious nature loving passengers throughout the French River and Lake Nippising. Many photos in the lodge today bear witness to the hundreds of visitors that would visit Casablanca Lodge via the Chief Commanda. The property changed hands several times and was well known as a premier Fishing and vacation destination.


In April 2018, the property was bought and rebranded as Tilted Toque by 3 Friends and outdoor enthusiasts from the Guelph, Fergus area.

The new ownership and management have immediate plans to refurbish and enhance the property to serve Family, Fishing enthusiasts and Various retreat uses.

The Owners of Tilted Toque welcome you and hope to see you soon.

The Chief-Commanda

Casablanca Lodge